Wednesday, September 22, 2010

justONE virtual on parenting in ministry

Just listened to the justONE conference with leading and loving it. Tonight was on raising your children in a ministry family. I was very intrigued by this simply because well...Brett's in ministry...I wasn't raised in a pastor's house and well...I have a lot to learn.

Lots of great stuff was the idea of family nights that Heather Whittaker shared about. Such a creative way to be intentional with your family. But i so loved every word from Kay are a few things I jotted down:
#1. First, let your children know that God loves them unconditionally.
#2. Show them that you love them unconditionally.
#3. Let them know He is a God of second chances.
#4 Let them know Nothing can seperate them from His love.
#5 Most powerful gift of love is time.

Such great stuff. I was also reminded of something that a sweet friend shared in the Beth Moore Bible Study we did this summer: she said she went to a Beth Moore conference recently and when someone asked Beth how to raise Godly children this was how she responded, " You know, there are so many things people say to do....but if you want children who love Jesus, they must see you fall in love with Him first." I hope and pray Julia loves the Lord with all of her heart...I hope and pray Brett and I will be great examples of that and that she sees that unconditional love in us first.

I know that just because I write all these down doesn't mean I will do everyone of them...and do them all well...or be the great parent....but I do know that writing them down is a start.

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