Friday, September 17, 2010

5 "I Never Thought's" About Pregnancy

While there are many things I didn't and still don't know about pregnancy, I certainly didn't think about these 5 things particularly:
1. I never thought i would be using every bathroom in every single store I walk in. I find this very difficult bc I absoloutely hate public bathrooms...yuck.(pretty sure i've already used all of the Target bathrooms in the suburb Atl gross.)

2. I never thought I would start nesting like crazy....all of a sudden, I find myself wanting to do things like sewing, decorating, fixing up things....etc...
3. I never thought I would be this emotional. I can't even listen to a story about a sick child or a child in Africa or any other impoverished country without balling my eyes out.
4. I never thought i would be scared of the labor and delivery part...but i often wake up in the middle of hte night worried and thinking through every possible scenerio...have learned to just pray through those moments. I know God is with me.

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