Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mama June and a bunch of coaches:)

Today was such a special day. I have written several posts about my grandmother...who everyone calls "Mama June." Let me take this post to just brag on her a little bit:)

Today she received the Beverly Raines Service award for the Georgia Coaches Association for the state of Georgia! She was among hundreds of football, basketball, golf, track coaches in the state of Georgia. (which I must say I was quite impressed with all of their dedication and love for students in GA). So many great coaches were inducted into the GA Coaches Hall of Fame today....and then there was my sweet Mama June...nominated for her sweet acts of kindness and love for all. She was nominated by one of the coaches in our hometown. Here were just a couple of things said about her today:

Mama June is a woman who has been cooking homemade fried chicken for the football players at Central High School for over 30 years. Of course, she started this when her children went to school there but she continued on well after all of her children and even grandchildren graduated.
She opens up her home to the homeless
She has cooked meals for her home church for over 25 years
She cooks for the local nursing home every month.
She connects people who are homeless with organizations that can help them
She volunteered for the band
She sold concessions for over 15 years
She and her husband helped build the track at the school
She believes that a child's education is bettered with extra curricular activities
She believes every child and human soul is worthy of love.
She loves every person who meets her.

The women in my family definitely set the bar.....all of my aunts, my mother, cousins....all of them are some of the most talented, giving, selfless, loving people.....and it started with her. I was so honored to watch her accept this among so many amazing people. So proud to have her as my proud I got to be there:)


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Leslie said...

I was so happy to hear about this!