Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Anniversary #3 on June 3!

Brett and I celebrate Anniversary #3 today! That's right! We will celebrate tonight with Middle school ministry....and go out Friday night! I'm super pumped about the restaurant! (blog post to follow!)

So Brett, here are few things that I love so much about you:

1. I love that you let me go to Barnes and Noble. Not just that you let me go...but that you let me go and even though you have been done for an hour...you still wait patiently as I look through the kids and teacher books.
2. One of my favorite things that you do is the way you shove ALL types of books into my hands. It stretches my brain to think in new.....more creative ways.
3. I love that you don't get tired of me talking "ministry" or "education." i teach and love diving into the world of "all things education," so this is always on my brain....but ministry is too...and oh how I love to know about it, hear about it, and be challenged by it...and you never get tired of my education and ministry conversations.
4.I l love "going on a drive" with you. I love getting in the car and driving all over Gwinnett and Hall Co! Those are my favorite moments...just me, you, and the drive. (well, and sometimes the occasional stop for a Frosty at Wendy's).
5. I love your passion. Truly, you are passionate about every role in your life....a husband, pastor, friend, golfer, reader, son.
6. I love your encouragement for everything I get into....which is a lot of things!!!

I love you. Happy Anniversary #3! I can't wait to celebrate it with you this Friday.
Here are a couple of my favorite pics!


Leslie said...

Happy Anniversary best friend!!!

Amber said...

Happy Anniversary!

Lanie Beth Sinclair said...

Yayy! As my mom would say: "Happy Annibersary". :) Ya'll are great!

Lane Moore said...

thanks for the sweet anniversary wishes!

Lots of love,