Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Red Carpet Kind of Day

We have had a very eventful week in my classroom. I'll start with our red carpet event yesterday. Earlier in the week I shared about all of our read alouds from the year and the one we voted on to be inducted into Mrs. Moore's Book Academy. Well, yesterday we had our red carpet, podium, and it was the first book to be inducted into the Book academy. It was so dramatic, but my kids loved it! During writing workshop Thursday, they helped me write the speech that was shared about Home of the Brave. We had special guests come in and even a real red carpet that topped it off!

I gave a short speech about literacy and the importance of the passion they have created this year for reading and writing. Can you believe I got misty-eyed??! Probably not if you read this.( I don't know how you people with kids make it....I know I will be wreck at every single important event for my kids....cross that bridge when it comes:).... I am just so proud of these kids and how much they grew this year as readers and writers.

After the book academy ceremony I had my own Literacy Awards day. Each student received an award for something spectacular they did this year in reading or writing workshop. Here are just a few of the awards given out: Best Lead Sentence in a Narrative, Best Use of Sensory Details in a narrative, Best use of Persuasive Language, Best use of Rule of 3, Spiderwick Award (who went to the student that read the most Spiderwick Books), Rotten School Award, The Reading Workshop Award, The Writing Workshop Award.... each student received some kid of literacy was such a great time.

The biggest surprise came when I told them they would get to pick a book out of my classroom library to take home with them for the summer. You would have thought I was giving out gold! I love that they think books are like gold.....goal: accomplished:)

Here are some of the pics from our red carpet kind of day:) (Don't you just love my ghetto red paper carpet?!)

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