Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can't help it.

A few months ago I watched the Oscars with my husband. When Penelope Cruz gave her acceptance speech I cried like a baby. She thanked the Hispanic world for loving and supporting her throughout her career. She was so inspiring as she elegantly accepted her award....I was so proud of her that I cried right along with her...and have never even met this woman! (I promise I'm really NOT crazy!!)

A few weeks ago, a Maxwell's House Coffee Commercial came on and I got all teary-eyed again just watching these people get up in the morning and drink their cup of coffee! But in my brain, all i could think about was my grandfather (who passed away several years ago) and how he fixed a cup of Maxwell's house every AM....then I started thinking about all the sweet memories I have of thing you know...I'm crying at a commercial.

So yeah...random things move me and my emotions are often expressed through teary eyes (my husband usually just laughs). All of that to say....don't think I will be making it through this movie too long....looks like a definite tear jerker.My Sister's Keeper. Just watched the previews and got a little misty....

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