Thursday, May 28, 2009

the new "hello"

Saw this segment on the TODAY show this morning. Apparently, hugging has become the new "hello" for teenagers. I find this very difficult to understand...because "hello" for me has ALWAYS been a hug. I realize, however, that hugging is not everyone's "hello." I hugged a sweet friend the other day and realized very quickly she was not a could have been an awkward moment, but I wouldn't allow it....I just poked fun at myself for being such an enthusiastic hugger. I personally love that hugs are the new "hello" :)!


Amber said...

Funny - I was just talking about this to some online friends. Here's what I told them:

I can see why they have banned it in some schools.

First of all, there are two types of hugs: 1. Friendly hugs like I give when I see old friends, family, people I know at church, etc. and 2. Touchy-feely hands all over each other hugs. I see lots of type 2 in the hallways of my middle school, especially boys putting their hands all over the girls, going up and down their waists, etc.

When I see this in the hall, I usually tell them, "Hug your mama, not your girls."

It has also become a problem as students are late to class because: 1. They are too busy hugging everyone they see on the way to the classroom, or 2. They can't get through the halls because of all the kids hugging.

And they hug each other after every. single. class. No matter if they've hugged the same person six times already that day, they do it again. and again. and again.

Lane Moore said...

Amber, I can def. see your point! Middle schoolers....gotta love em!