Sunday, March 16, 2008

O2-March 14,2008

Last night was O2(formerly "The Well") at 12Stone. As always it was an amazing night of praise and worship. Many thoughts ran through my mind last night..captivated my thoughts really.
1. The sight of watching hundreds of people of all shapes, sizes, and colors walk into this wonderful building He has provided to worship. Then...watching them all worship with their whole hearts. It was a sight that I believe is a mirror image of what eternity will be like.
2. Many people fled to be prayed over. One of the most precious moments I witnessed during this time was watching one of our pastors pray so intensely over a small middle school girl(this could also be because middle schoolers have won my heart..I think they are wonderful, crazy people). Who knows what giants she was facing but he prayed over her as if it were a matter of life and death...and I believe that it truly is.
3. There were many artists there of all, paint, woodwork, dancing...I was reminded of Ken Gire's book, "Windows of the Soul." The thought that we can praise God and see Him in all of these ways is beautiful and creative of Him.
Church took place last night and I am so thankful God creates moments for us to come together to praise His marvelous works.

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