Friday, November 9, 2007

Papa Joe came to school!

Papa Joe came to my school today. Veteran's Day is this Sunday and he came to make our students aware of the importance of this American holiday. I got to interview him and ask him questions about WWII. It was moving to me, the teachers, and the students as he shared his challenges and stories of fighting in the Philippines, Australia, and Papua New Guinea. I love the creative imaginations young children possess. Papa Joe wore his "Official" Veteran's he did indeed look very "official!" One student passed by and asked, "Are you the president?" It was great and it made my week and I think Papa Joe's! Anyways, it was fun and I'm thankful for the history my grandfather has in his life.


CresceNet said...
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kelli beth said...

hi lane! i'm very excited to find your blog!! i hope you're doing great!! love you!

-kelli richards