Friday, March 30, 2007


We are in a new home now. Actually, it's the very first home we've owned! I'm so excited and so thankful that we have a place we call "home." Everything is crazy. I'm back and forth between Buford and Macon because I'm still teaching. And even though it's a bit stressful driving back and forth...I've never had so much peace in my whole life. We love our new church. We love the people there. We love that God has placed us there. I've never had so much thankfulness in my heart.
I know this sounds so cheesy...and just so "goody-goody"....but truly this is what I thought the other day. I went to bed after we got everything moved in Wednesday I tried to go to sleep I just kept thinking..."how is it that I was lucky enough to be born in a place where I can own a home like this?"
I thought about my trip to Guatamala City, Guatemala 3 years ago. They had nothing. No one had anything. I remember driving past the city dump and I saw children sitting in the middle of all of it. I know...this sounds like one of those infomercials on television..with someone like Mary Tyler Moore holding a little baby from Africa with a pot belly....but truly in my heart.. it's so real. How is it that I was so blessed to have so much? Why are there precious people living in the streets of Guatemala? Why were the children rushing up to me and my mom trying to sell all the jewlery their mom and dad had made?
I don't know the answers to these things. I just know I am so thankful and that I hope I do something good with what I have.


Laura E. Moore said...

praise GOD that you have a wonderful home!!! a new home that your sister can come stay at when she needs to run away for a while ;) you're awesome!

Laura said...


I am enjoying reading your blog. I am excited for this next phase of your life. Keep up the blogging.

You are beautiful,