Monday, March 19, 2007

No room for Puffyness

So the other day one of my students was studying for her history class during her free time. She said, "Sra. Moore, what does curtailed mean?" I say, "Just one second let me come over there and read the context of the sentence." I proceed to walk over there feeling all puffed up because I'm so sure of the answer. She is studying the Nepoleonic Code. So I begin reading the sentence outloud because I'm trying to teach her the importance of reading the context of the sentence. The sentence says, "The Nepolenoic Code curtailed many of the laws..." However, when I read it outloud with my great, puffy voice I say, "The Nepoleon Dynamite Code..." Then I stopped myself. I mean I wasn't even trying to be funny...I was being so serious...I mean with all of my heart I read Nepoleonic Code...but my with all of my mouth I said..the Nepoleon Dynamite Code!I mean what in the world?! She laughed to the point of tears and so did I! So much for being smart! I guess there's just no room for puffyness in the world.

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Leslie said...

Yeah for Lane moments...oh how I miss them!