Monday, May 21, 2007

Mama June

Tonight I went to Carrollton to celebrate my sister's birthday....and though the purpose of being there was to celebrate my sister...I was thrilled spend time with Mama June (that's my grandmother). She is amazing. Every single time I am around her I think to myself, "If only I could be half the woman she is.."
Tonight when I came in she was on the phone with a lady trying to help her find a car. Then a few minutes after that she was telling me about the man that she hired to help her in the he has some disabilities but that he is the best help she has ever had! She didn't even tell me he was sister was the one who told's like she doesn't even see anything wrong with people. She has the most pure, genuine heart of any one I've ever met.
Literally, people from all over Carroll County have my grandmother's phone number...not because she gives it out but because the people she has helped tell other people that she can help them too! So they call. All the time! They call and ask for money...they call and ask for food....for a car...for a job...and yet my grandmother doesn't flinch for a second. She takes every request and handles each one of them! She's my hero and I love her so much....she deserves way more than this silly blog. I wish everyone could meet her.


Brett Moore said...

hey babe...what's up with no new posts??
just wanna know what you're thinking.
love you.

happy birthday.

Leslie said...

1/2? I wish I could be one millionth of what your grandmother is. I can not think of another person that I respect more than her. I can only imagine what the world would be like if more people had "Mama June" hearts.