Wednesday, June 15, 2011


we all know that I can't sit still very here's my latest shananigan:

the gym I've started working out at has all of my favorite Les Mills Classes: Body Combat, Body Pump, RPM....but they didn't have Body Attack (which is my favorite and to me the best cardio workout of all of them!) So I asked the aerobic coordinator if they had ever considered adding it...and to my surprise she said they wanted to try and launch it this Fall and if it went well they would add it to their weekly after a small conversation...I am now signed up to get my Body Attack instructor certification...July 23-24. I've heard it's the most intense training of all of them.....and each day of the training is from 8-5! That's 9 hours of constantly moving my muscles! I think this would be a perfect little side job and would keep me in shape....just hoping I will have the endurance needed to lead a class! We shall see! Here's to sore muscles!


Jill said...

OH! So fun!! I wish I could take a Body Attack class with you! :) You'd kick my tail!

Missi said...

Awesome!!!! You go girl!!!

Missi said...

Awesome! You go girl!