Monday, January 10, 2011

Our little girl's birthday

Our little girl, Julia Lane, has come into our lives and forever changed us. It's been an amazing journey so far. I can honestly say that my love for her is like nothing I have ever experienced and I can also say that my husband is by far the most patient and encouraging man in the world and I love him so much more than I ever thought I could. Not going to tell all the nasty details...but will share just a little bit of the story that brought our sweet girl into our lives:

I opted for an induction because my Dr. said I was a prime we got up early Thursday morning (5AM to be exact) on December 30th to head to Northeast Georgia Medical Center. They started me on pitocin...I dialated to 3 cm by 1...our amazing midwife Tiffany told me to get an epidural bc she thought it would relax my muscles and help speed things up...and boy was she right! My aunt is a nurse and stayed with Brett and I the entire time...she was so much fun to have with us. She read me magazines and made me laugh so much throughout the day:) Epidural kicked in and I was ready to push at 7pm...did I mention that our friend Missy is a doula and works at the hospital and stayed with us the entire time! She was incredible too...actually every single nurse and person that helped us throughout the day was amazing! We started pushing at 7.....and then we pushed...and pushed...and pushed...AND PUSHED!!! I had a few small moments where I really wasn't sure if that girl was coming out...but at 10:07pm she decided to grace us with her presence..weighing in at 8.6 LBS and 21 inches long! Sweet baby Girl was much bigger than any of us thought she would be! and she about broke my talebone on the way out! I've become best friends with donut over the past week and 1/2. It was such an amazing day! All of our family was there and some of my friends at school even came and waited it out! Debbie and Katie even brought me a cherry limeade from Sonic (I had been craving one all day long!) Everything else has gone really well! She is precious...and I can't believe God has entrusted us with this amazing little girl. Here's a video my aunt only see brett and Julia. You see me for a split second and boy do I look rough..wasn't really going for beauty at the moment:) Just getting our little girl here!

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