Monday, August 2, 2010

A Season of Change

So it's just going to be a season of transition for us! I'm not always a fan of transition, but I'm learning from other ladies who have been there and done it that you just have to embrace it. Brett will be stepping out of his role as the middle school pastor to be the campus student pastor over all of our satellite campuses at 12stone...which right now are Hamilton Mill and the Flowery Branch campuses. It's a new role, new folks (not completely...we knew quite a few both campuses), new students, high school students, and well...just a new job that they've never had at 12stone until now. It's definitely a need and Brett is so excited for the new challenge. It was definitely difficult to step away from the volunteers and students we love so much in the middle school ministry at the central campus, but we are both super excited for the things God has in store for student ministries at the satellite campuses.

So that's going on...and oh know just preparing for the whole baby thing. So yes...this will be a season of transition for the Moore family. Here's to embracing it all!

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