Saturday, July 3, 2010

Camp and Vacation...going to be out for a while.

Going to be out for two weeks:
Going to camp in Florida (yes....where all the oil is going...hopefully not during camp!). It will be a great week for our high school and middle school students! The week after Brett and I are headed to do a New England/Boston vacation with our dear friends, Leslie and Bradley. We are super excited....Brett more than me....he has a life goal to visit the major league baseball stadiums, so we will definitely be at a Red Sox game (his favorite team...which I still can't believe the Braves are not his favorite....but I've dealt with it:) We are thinking Wrigley Field will be next! So will be back soon with pics! My 16 week appt is in a few weeks and I am oh so excited!!! Can't wait!

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Leslie said...

We are super excited! Can't wait!