Wednesday, January 27, 2010

on feelings.

So it's just going to have to be "Developing the Leader" Week. sorry. The stuff is too rich. Read this and WOW....great insight.

There is a great difference between how we feel and how we handle our feelings. Everyone has times when they feel bad. Our attitudes cannot stop our feelings, but they can keep our feelings from stopping us. Unfortunately, too many allow their feelings to control them... Everyday I see people who are feeling controlled. -Developing the Leader Within You.

I come from a large family....we're not talking 2 or 3 cousins here....we're talking 20 first cousins. MASSIVE. Growing up, every Sunday after church we ate lunch with almost all of them around my grandmother's table. Feelings, opinions, politics, sports, you name it ....were all over those conversations. Great conversations...that I believe have shaped so much of who I am...but one thing it did was make me passionate. I would def. describe myself as passionate...passionate about most areas of my life. and what's wrong with passionate people? Nothing...except for when their feelings of passion and anything else... wins. Feelings and passion are so deeply rooted in my DNA that this is something I have to constantly step back and assess....ask myself things like, "Is saying this...thinking this...doing this.....a part of my feelings or is it grounded in peaceful truth?" and as Maxwell so eloquently stated..... there is indeed a great deal of difference in how we feel and how we handle or WHAT we DO with our feelings.

And if I'm being completely candid....there is a certain time of the month where my feelings are waiting right on my shoulders....ready to jump at anything. What do I do with this? Pray really hard:)

So Here's to passionate wisdom.

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The Rollins Family said...

I know this is really random, but Matthew was on the conference call the other night that Maxwell held on Leadership. Somehow, he couldn't get his phone to mute, so everyone could hear our background noise. Marli Claire was asleep, when she sneezed four times in a row. John Maxwell said, "bless you." We thought it was really funny!