Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Snow Day:)

Yesterday was a crazy, but good day all in one.

1. We found out we had no school Thursday night which just made me so super happy. It's always such a nice surprise...even if we had only been back from Christmas break for 4 days:) And yes.....I had all of my students calling me late Thursday night and early Friday morning because of this:) I didn't was really super cute.

2. My good friend Sarah...remember from our super, awesome Twilight video that got 5 million hits on youtube? (yeah right!:) She got in a pretty bad accident involving a patch of ice and a telephone pole (on her way to pick me up for our marathon training....yeah I felt awful). B. & I went out to help & honestly when I saw the car, I was just thankful she was alive.
I don't think either one of us realized how nasty it was, or we definitely wouldn't have gone yes..lesson learned:don't go outside on ice unless you are from Chicago, Canada, or some other crazy, northern area where they are used to it!

3. We spent most of the day dealing with the accident stuff, so... Sarah and I decided some fun was needed in the mix of all the we went to see Leap Year. Super cute...super girly...and a little hoaky in some parts kind of movie, but nonetheless, it was a great end to a crazy day.

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