Friday, November 13, 2009

New Moon Mall Tour with Sarah:)

So this is my first attempt at a video......
Disclaimer: this might be the lamest video you've ever seen...but my friend Sarah and I went down to the mall of Georgia to get a sneak at an upclose view of Laurent and Caius who are starring in New Moon.....well Sarah and I and 500 screaming teenage girls. There's really no sense in continuing to type...I will let the video tell the rest. Not sure you should expect too many more of these, but we had fun:)

One more disclaimer: I look makeup, hair pulled back in a random headband...oh well:)


lori said...

Y'all are so cute Lane! So glad you had so much fun!

I made a dorky New Moon video that my friend Donna has forbidden me to post. It is sadly hidden on YouTube and won't see the light of day in the Blog World.

Lane Moore said...

thanks Lori! We felt pretty lame with our New Moon video...but oh how much fun it was:).....a hidden post on Youtube??...oxymoron:)