Monday, December 7, 2009

a sucker for music.

Have you heard this song? Evolve by Bosc.

I'm a sucker for three things when it comes to the art of music:
1. I love, love, love to find new music that isn't real popular (although sometimes I find that the music isn't new and that I am just way behind!) My husband is especially good at this:)
2. I love any music with a strong piano line in it....which is probably why I'm a huge Mat Kearney and Coldplay fan...they almost always have a strong piano..and which is why I really love this song.
3. It's a super romantic song...and well...I'm a sucker for anything romantic.

check it out here and click on "Evolve".

do any of you have favorite things about songs? or anything that draws you to a certain band?

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