Saturday, October 10, 2009

Today Show story.

Saw this story on the Today Show. I truly cannot hold in the tears when they feature stories about kids...especially about kids and school...and especially when it's about sick children who want to go to this one. This one hit me so, so hard. Just recently I was feeling the exhaustion of the current school year....i was reminded through this story how important it is to continue loving my kids and teaching them as hard as I can. Here is this precious child whose last wish is to go to inspiring...and well, straight up motivating to keep on....


Steph T. said...

What a great interview with Lori! You spoke from your heart. My husband and I were in the Youth ministry for 15 years and recently moved over to Associate Pastor. Working with adults is so different! Being a youth pastor's wife such a blessing and I loved seeing their lives changed. I also have my teaching degree, but right now I am just subbing in our school so I can keep up with my 3 kids and things @ church.
Just wanted to stop by and say Hi. LOve connecting with other pastor's wives thru the blog world!
Steph T.

Lane Moore said... great to hear from another wife in ministry! 15 years in student ministry....that's amazing! I agree being the wife of a student pastor is indeed a of the greatest blessings:) I love conecting with other wives in ministry too...adding you to the blogroll.
lots of love,