Thursday, October 1, 2009

Go comment to Inspire

So I'm asking for my blog friends for a little help in the classroom. My students just started a reading blog called "Our Reading Space" at Edublogs. Students summarize their books they are reading through a blogpost. This is the first time most of them have ever used or even seen a blog. Today two students typed up their posts and two more go on Friday. I have 4-6 students a week type up their Blog response to their reading.

I really believe that response to literature is key for helping students better understand and stay engaged in the books they are reading. My kids were so psyched to do something in blogworld......and well, bottom line: I will do WHATEVER it takes to get my kids to LOVE reading!'s where you come in. My kids are looking for people to comment on our blog. Whenever you have a sec. and want to encourage some precious children, go comment at

Thanks in advance:) Lots of love.

p.s. if you find lots of misspellings, grammar errors, phrases said backwards...please don't freak. 100% of my classroom are second language learners and two of them speak little English:)

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