Sunday, August 2, 2009

tops-summer 09

Pre-planning begins tomorrow so thought I would give my "tops" of summer 2009......please keep in mind that I was working hardcore to finish up my graduate degree so that I would be done for the new school my summer might look a little lame to some...

1. Reading the entire Twilight Saga in just a few short days! (Slight obsession has begun.) Was a little sad when I finished all of them.
2. Tutoring Kay and Sean and our adventure to the World of Coke.
3. Passing my comp. exam!
4. Listening to Twilight soundtrack
5. Watching "the Proposal" with friends
6. Eating at Flip Burger Boutique downtown Atl....seriously, if you come to Atl. it's a must! Top Chef runner -up Richard started it and it is yummo! Has a super trendy atmosphere, is affordable, and has Krispy Kreme donut milkshakes!!!
7.buying skinny jeans after much convincing from Sarah
8. katie's super cute "bun in the oven" shirt...and how cute she looked wearing it!
9. reading Eyes Wide open and discussing it with B.
10. watching a Cosby episode with B. late at night.
11.Brooke and Wade's wedding weekend...had the most fun with friends and family in Carrollton. Loved dancing my heart out with B...who is a great dancing partner by the way!
12. being able to pull my hair in a ponytale again.
13. saying good bye to my 8th grade girls small group who I have been with for three years! It was so incredible to see how much they've grown!
14. flowers sent to me from the "purple team"
15. surprise bookshelf for my classroom
and writing this post.

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