Tuesday, July 14, 2009

on tutoring and prayer

Have been tutoring two students from Korea this week. They are here visiting a family friend here in Gwinnett who pastors a Korean church. So I took them to experience the World of Coke today along with some of my family. Thought it would make for some good language learning.

Favorite part on the way home:
We were all yawning. They asked me what time I get up in the AM...I said, "7." I asked them the same question. They explained that on Monday and Fridays they get up at 4:30 AM with the pastor and go to their church (which is about 20 minutes away) to pray with the church members!

I was blown away at their commitment and passion to meet and pray so early in the morning. I guess this is so huge to me because I am sooooooo not a morning person...AT ALL!!!

Thankful for people with the passion to pray.

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