Thursday, July 16, 2009

please come back

Can't find my phone....and it is KILLING me piece by piece!! I lost it early this morning, and have retraced every step ....still lost! This is the first time I've ever lost my phone, like LOST, LOST it...and I must's really challenging. Every 5-10 minutes I stop and realize that I have nothing to weird, but maybe good for a short amount of time? Not sure, but I am sure that I need to find it or head down to Apple. Here's a letter I wrote to my hopes that it will come home soon:)

Dear iphone,

You have been so, so great for this one year we have been together. As Bono would say, " I can't imagine life with or without you." Your smooth touch and wide variety of Apps has definitely made my life easier. One thing I thing I promise is that if I find you....I will never, never let you out of my sight again. I'm so sorry I lost you. Please come home....I miss you.

Apply yours,


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