Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just The Piano

I love piano music. I like orchestra too....but there's just something about the sound of one piano being played. My grandmother (dad's mom) gave me piano lessons when I was little (I can play a little...not much). She was the grandmother who always took us to plays, Phantom of the Opera, art shows, etc... She really wanted to make sure we had a deep understanding of "the arts." One thing I loved is that she always had some kind of piano music playing at her house. If she wasn't giving lessons...she was listening to some kind of classical station.

Some days i have a "piano day." On my commute to work, sometimes I just get in a piano only mood and that's all I'll listen to all day. I find it very inspiring and motivating. (I realize this is quite a contradiction to my previous playlist...but it really is motivational and moving to listen to.) Could be another reason I enjoyed this commercial so much, and why I think Coldplay and John Legend are so amazing...they incorporate so much piano (and every instrument) into their music.

This probably sounds a little nerdy, but I've always wanted to go to a symphony concert outside in a park (I'm sure this dream probably stemmed from something I saw on a movie or read in a book), but I think a "symphony in the park concert" on a summer evening would be amazing. I'm pretty sure ASO (atlanta symphony orchestra) does this at Piedmont Park in the's definitely on my "want to do soon list." are some of my faves:

George Winston (anything by him is so great!)
Chris Rice (I love his instrumental album)
Forrest Gump Suite
Michael W. Smith Instrumental Album
August Rush Soundtrack

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