Sunday, April 5, 2009

So Maybe I have taken it a little too far:)

So lately I have been a little "green" you could say. Mainly with just foods we eat. I have been reading through "The Essential Green You" and it has totally messed with me. I have started buying all organic foods in hopes it would make B. and I a little healthier. B. is a pretty picky eater, so every now and then I ask him to make me a grocery list of things he wants to eat and then I usually buy that product..... just organic style.

So today when I asked him to make me a grocery list; here's what I got:

crunchy cheetos-non-organic
PB crackers-non-organic
cereal, crackers, cheez-its-all non-organic
diet coke-organic
Digiorno pizza-non-organic
graham crackers-non-organic

I think I've taken it a little too least for one of us:) It made me laugh though:)

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