Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lessons from the 5th grade

Today was one of the sweetest acts of giving I think I have ever experienced. My sweet friend Katie had a baby shower today....given by her 5th grade students! It was soooo precious! They brought a cake, they all wore white or pink (bc she's having a girl), they all brought gifts, and they even had sweet party favors! The thing that makes this act of giving so incredibly moving is WHO is doing the giving.

I have written about the population of students we teach before. 100% of our students in our classrooms are on free/reduced lunch with the state government.....truly, our students have so little....but they do so much with the so little they have.
Such a good lesson from the 5th grade ...yet again!

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Debbie said...

It was precious to watch 5th grade kids get so excited over a baby shower for their teacher. But what was more exciting was to see kids who spent hard earned money, money that would be missed, on their teacher. One particular child talked about spending his own money to buy his baby gift for her. He told me he took all his money...$40.00...to the store. He wasn't sure how much an outfit would cost. He probably saw a million things he could have bought and wanted for himself but instead, he picked out a beautiful, red outfit for Ella. Katie tells her kids all during the day...make smart choices. I believe that student made a smart choice in the store that day...he chose to give to a teacher who had given him much.