Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Promethean Board

So this is the latest technology that every classroom in our school got thanks to a grant that helps Title 1 schools! (Actually we've had them about a year!) This is a promethean board...very similar to smartboards but they are loaded with millions of teacher resources, flipcharts, activotes, etc... Here is a pic of my students working on finding circumference and keying in their answers on the activotes! I love anything that makes learning more fun....trust me having this piece of technology in the classroom makes it lots of fun! My kids beg to do math with the activotes! Just thought some of you might be interested to see what the 21st century public school classroom has to offer!


.tina. said...

I am so glad that your students have received this technology so well! Maybe you should have a showcase or trivia with parents so that parents understand how money is being spent. Often times people are critical of instructional technology without really understanding how it affects our students.

Lane Moore said...

That is a great idea Tina! I agree with you...so often people aren't aware of all the awesome things that affect our students in the classroom.