Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hall of Fame day

So yesterday was the first Hall of Fame day in my class (inspired by Liberty Mutual commercial). Students had nominated each other for random acts of kindness within our classroom community. My student Emmanuel won and I bought him a $25 gift card to the movie theatre and a new book. The cool thing about Emmanuel winning is that he is one of my newcomers which means he speaks very little English(so I'm not even sure he understood the whole concept but he is just one of those kids who loves to help and give to others). When he won and I explained to him with my so awesome Spanish skills what he won I asked him if he had ever been to this movie theatre and he responded:
Emmanuel: I never had been to movies
I realized this precious child had never been to a movie theatre.

When I was putting him on the bus to go home he came up to me and said with his adorable quiet, Spanish accent:
Emmanuel: Thank you, Mrs. Moore
and then he gave me the sweetest hug

I wish the whole world could hear me when I say this: there is nothing better than the joy of giving and the joy of loving students.
Here is a picture of my sweet Emmanuel and his certificate


Stacey said...

This is so touching Lane!

Missi said...

You are such a blessing to those students. . what a luck bunch to have Mrs. Moore as their teacher. Some teachers would see the spanish speaking children as a huge nuisance or obstacle but because of your super spanish skills you can relate to them right where they are. I can't imagine what some kids go through. . just getting picked up and move to a country where they don't know the language all while they are supposed to succeed and pass in school! You are doing "your thing" as Kevin Q. gave us a sermon on.