Sunday, September 7, 2008

"At Home"

So B. and I moved to Gwinnett about a year and a half ago now. Moving is a really stretching time. I assume any move you make is difficult and stretches you to get out of your comfort zone. You don't really know anyone, you meet tons of new people and you just pray every time you see them you'll remember their name. You long for the "home feeling" to set in very quick, you want relationships to grow (but you realize that things only grow with time), and you look for new doctors, dentists, etc...all over again!! I can honestly say that 12Stone, Buford, Lyman Hall, Gwinnett County has become our home. I love that I know people's names, that I can invest in people's lives, and that I can feel "at home."

The word "home" is such a peaceful word for me (although I do realize that for much of the population the thought of "home" brings on a very negative connotation). I am thankful Christ has allowed us to call this place our home. One of my goals in life is that I always make people feel "at home" when they are around me. I think I get this from my Mom and grandmother (Mama June). They have an incredible way of making every person they meet feel comfortable and "at home."

What about you? Where or when do you feel this "at home" feeling?


Missi said...

ha, ha, well this is the first thing that came to mind! when I've been away on vacation but just arrive and sit on my own toilet? I get that "home" feeling!! haha, and then when I shower and it's just the water pressure that I am used to I feel "home" and then when I hit my sleep number bed? I get that "home" feeling!! Although we've also been restless with a "move not to move" situation for a while now, I love my home. Home is just so comforting even amoung the mess!! I'm just at home in my own clutter of life!! and I've never ever been one to decorate up to someone else's standard . . I think my home is "me" . . I remember it took about 5 years of living here before it felt like "home!" . . home is knowing your neighbors and loving them despite the things they do that drive you crazy!! :-) I could just go on and on!! I also love to make people feel at home in my home. . one of my spiritual gifts is hospitality. That is why I think Ron and I were decent small group leaders because one of his gifts is leadership. . so when you combine leadership with hospitality -- it makes for a nice group time!! :-)

Amber said...

Hey Sweet Lanie :) I know what you mean about feeling at home in the community. I've lived here my whole life, so I never had to "start over" quite as much as you guys did. But now that I've moved in to Gary's house (now "our" house), I'm still getting used to calling this place home. It still feels a little like "his" sometimes and not "ours" because it's mostly his stuff, his furniture, etc. This should change in one or two years when we get a house that is truly "ours."

It was good to see you tonight, even though we didn't get a chance to talk.

See you Wednesday!

(ps if you want you can add my blog to your list. You're on mine :) )