Monday, August 25, 2008

We Are A Liberty Mutual Classroom

Hall of Fame:

So many of you have seen the Liberty Mutual ad. If not scroll down on my blog to the month of June and watch it. I used this ad on the first day of school this year.

On the first day I showed this video and then asked students why they thought I would show this video. Students looked a little puzzled so i played it one more time. I think they caught on the 2nd time around. Anyways, I explained how i hoped all year long they would model the same kind of acts of love and kindness toward each other all year long! I have a "Hall of Fame Nomination Jar" and a Hall of Fame Wall. Students are allowed to nominate each other for different acts of kindness they see taking place in the classroom. Once a month I pick two winners from the nomination bucket and they go on the Liberty Mutual Hallof Fame! I must say my bucket is already full! It's a beautiful thing to watch kids grasp the concept of serving others.

Although...this is my favorite story:

After the first week of school I quickly reminded students to remember to fill out nominations if they had any from the previous week...Isaac came up to me and said, "Mrs. Moore, can we nominate you? You have helped me become a better reader this week."

And this is one of the things that keeps me going on those "hard to teach' days.


Laura E. Moore said...

haha "mrs. moore" you are so cute & definitely one of the best teachers i know (don't tell mom!) love you sis!

Missi said...

consider that students comments as a the monetary bonus you will never receive. As a mom truly I often feel unappreciated . . you'll be there one day! but you do so much and so much of what you do the fam often takes for granted It's like you go to college, you get a degree, you expect to make good money, your "worth" well, you can't place "worth" on a mom and all she does because a mom doesn't get paid, so to speak. So what your student did is a "bonus" in your non-monetary rewards account!! Yesterday I made homemade mac n cheese for dinner. Trevor came home all stinky and sweaty from cross country and said, "oh yea you made homemade mac n cheese, I was just telling my friend my mom makes the best mac n cheese" . .and that for me? a paycheck!! :-) comments like Trevor made and your student make all the time and effort worthwhile!!