Sunday, August 24, 2008

family time...

B. and I were watching America's Funniest Home Videos for a min. tonight. There was one family who had a weekly tradition of dancing around the living, dad, little was too cute. We started talking about what weekly family traditions we would want to have when we have children...( I know it's a little early being since we don't have kids and all...but I love to dream of when we do)....So what about you?

what are your weekly traditions for fun family time? Or what are your hopes when you do have a family?

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Missi said...

well, we used to have "Friday Family Fun Night" and rent a movie and watch it together, etc. but as the boys have gotten older their activities kind of eroded that tradition away!

but forever and only crazy for our family..we strive to do this every morning before we leave for school. .we have "Family-Hug-A-Bug" time. . we get in a circle and sing this hysterical chant repeating family hug a bug time, over and over. . then we go around each one saying I love dad, I love Trevor, I love Grant and end with a prayer! it may not happen every single day but that is our goal and I have to say that is one original "Rich" tradition created by our fam of four! :-)