Sunday, August 3, 2008

team building thursday

I am having Team Building Thursday every week in my class during recess. I thought this would help bring my class closer together as a community. The problem is... I don't know a lot of team bulding activities......anyone have any good ones?


kelli beth said...

hey lane! i have lots of ideas that we've used for superwow and impact! i can email them to you if you'd like!!!

Laura said...

The Navs uses the phrase "unique shared experiences" a lot. These, apparently, create a sense of community and shared responsibility. I have found this to be true, in everything from near death experiences to eating with people. Shared memories are special, but shared memories that make the experiences stand out from others in life, those really bond people.

I don't know how that translates to an Elementary school classroom though. ?

Love reading.

Amber said...

There's always the human knot.

debrennersmith said...

Kagan has lots of ideas. They have a cooperative building book and a Team building book.