Wednesday, August 6, 2008

School starts tomorrow. Pray for me and my new students. I feel like a kindergarten student on the first day of school:)

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Missi said...

How exiting and what absolutely blessed children to get Mrs. Moore!! guess what, I just had a thought. . my favorite teacher in elementary school was my fifth grade teacher!! and her name. . Mrs. Moore!!!! wild!! anyway, I hope and I'll lift you in prayer in a few moments that your first day is a great day without too many speed bumps!! :=) I can't believe it's school time -- it's much to hot! Hopefully I'll see you at church although I think I'll have to "clock out" until Oct. because Trevor is running cross-country . . so that means I'm running cross country. . to their school several times, then home, time for homework. . I just don't think logistically it can work. . I'll make work if it can though. . because church is very important too!! anyway, I'll quit rambling. . but if you don't see me, know I want to be there!!