Wednesday, May 14, 2008

where do kids fit in?

My Life lately

Tuesday-6-10 Class at Brenau U.
5:30-5:50-hit snooze button
5:50-6:30 get ready for school
6:30-7-drive to school
4:-4:30-drive home
4:30-5:10-power nap
5:10-5:20-drive to Wal-mart to buy T-shirts to dye for Field Day.
5:20-5:30-drive back home b/c I left my wallet
5:30-5:40-back to wal-mart
6:30-9:15-12stone! Hang out with the greatest people ever! Such a great night!
9:15-10:30-online class Brenau U.
10:30-10:40-write this blog
10:40-11-go to sleep

The thing I keep asking myself, "I want to be a mom one day..I want to have the joy of little ones running around...but where do they fit in this schedule?" I truly look at a crazy day like this and just don't know how it's possible, yet, there are millions of people who seem to do it every single day! I am amazed at that!


Laura E. Moore said...

oh lane-o, you will be a great mom someday, i just know it! love you sister!

Leslie said...

The question is not 'how do these millions of people do it'? The real question is 'how well do these people do it'?