Thursday, May 22, 2008

saying good bye

If you read my blog often you will see a pattern of the school I teach at being mentioned in several of them...this is mostly due to the fact that much of my time is spent there. I stopped wrapping gifts for my students to write this. Tomorrow is the last day of school and my heart aches to see them go on to the big, dark middle school! I mean I do realize this is the natural progression of life..but here have been my thoughts the past few minutes as I have looked at different pictures of my students that I will give them tomorrow..
."No one will love them as much as I did this year...there's just no way." I was looking at the picture of Alex and I thought about how all of his essays he wrote this year had to do with his dad who is in federal prison. Alex misses him so much. He was so excited to tell me this week that his dad had been moved from the prison in D.C. to the one in Atlanta..he had already gotten to go see him! Then I thought about Edgar who had to move to a smaller apartment this year so his family would have less heart aches for them. I think.."how could anyone love them as much as me?" Then I thought.."this must be how You feel" (referencing Jesus). For a moment I thought about what He must have thought," No one will love you as much as Me but I will let them try..."

Maybe this seems super cheesy but it was so real in my heart.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. You made me cry. I daily feel that same way about my girls. How could anyone love them as much as I do? How could anyone care more about their hurts, cares and needs more than me? And then, the same thought, you Lord, care MORE. And not just about them, but about ME! Oh, thank you Lane for reminding me on a late Friday night (without my hubby) how much I am loved!

Missi said...

Sweet message!!! you're right to because from middle school on through high school . . I've yet to feel the "love" like our elementary school teachers! Having you as their teacher though has given them confidence they will need. I am certain they will never forget you . . . God is so good!!