Tuesday, July 17, 2007

hearing the voice of others....

My sweet husband sent me this blog yesterday to read. I found it encouraging. I got all excited and sent it to other women who I thought might enjoy a nice read...now I am posting it for all. I think this lady has some good things to say and I think her husband does as well. You can check their blogs out at www.stevenfurtick.com. Her blog entry is entitled, "Confessions of a Pastor's Wife."

Confessions of a Pastor’s Wife
July 12th, 2007
"Since our series is getting a darn good response, and since my wife is a darn good writer, I thought I’d let her take a shot at a confession of her own.
I told her she could write anything she wanted. Uh oh.
Guest Blogger: Holly Furtick
Over the short history of our church, periodically people will ask me something to the effect of “How are you doing being a pastor’s wife?” This is always a weird question for me because unlike so many pastors’ wives across America, I love my church, the role that I have there and the role that my husband has.
I was raised a pastor’s kid in a pretty traditional Southern Baptist Church. I saw my mom ride the rollercoaster of trying to be involved in everything but also caring for her family. When I married my husband, I must honestly say that I had some fears about being the wife of a pastor.
But I am pleased to say that I am so privileged to be a part of a church where there are not a million programs and Bible studies that I am expected to lead or attend. Elevation Church has been so good to see my role as supporting my husband in whatever manner he needs. I love to sit on the front row in all three services and listen to him preach. It never gets old to watch people respond to the Holy Spirit through the leading of my husband.
I never feel pressure to be someone I am not. I have never once been made to feel bad for not remembering someone’s name or for not speaking to someone.
This week we had a family in the church bring us an unbelievable dinner just to say thanks for what we do day in and day out at Elevation. Who could hate that?
Are there hard things about being a pastor’s wife? Yes, absolutely. But thankfully at Elevation, they all have to do with the emotional and spiritual stress that my husband is under day in and day out. We eat sleep and breathe Elevation Church. I can honestly say that my husband labors in prayer for the people of Charlotte. Praise God I am not adding to his stress by fearing what other expect out of me all the time.
I look forward to going to church every Sunday, a rarity for a pastor’s kid who has literally been in church since 9 months before I was born. So my confession: I love being a pastor’s wife. There is nothing else in the world that I would rather do."

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