Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Wish List 2011

So my friend Delecta over at The Rollins Family created a summer wish list....and well...I think it's a terrific idea! I know we are knee-deep into summer but I figure we've still got a good two months here's to the rest of summer!

watch a shooting star
do a puppet show with brett for Julia
take books to children's hospital
take donations to Samaritans house
go to storytime at the library
write letters to /visit a friend
do Julia's thumbprint for Necklace
bake homemade bread on a rainy afternoon
go to Panther creek and have a picnic
dance with brett in the rain
take cookies to a firestation
get Mama June to teach me how to can strawberry jam
nature hike
continue memorizing the book of Colossians
complete BodyAttack Training without dying
finish reading Grace Based parenting and Babywise 2

1 comment:

The Rollins Family said...

I love your list, and can't wait to see them come to life! So much family fun.