Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Julia: pools, squash, and snuggles.

I knew this girl would love the water....she went crazy! Loved every second of it in her itsy bitsy tini wini yellow polka dot bikini! Oh and sweet baby loves to eat squash! She just started eating veggies last Thurs. Her first attempt was hilarious....if I can get the video to upload, I will def. post....baby girl had us all rolling!

She is such a fun and happy baby....some of my favorite things about her right now:
-she sleeps from 9-7:30!! from 7:30-8 we have snuggle time....I absolutely love it. It's almost like our sweet way of saying, "Ok, I love you so much....so let's get this day started together...the right way!)
-love the way she kicks when she gets in the water
-when I take her to the church nursery...I love how she loves on the nursery workers...it's so sweet to watch your child love other people:)
-I love how she gets squash all over her face!
-love it when brett comes home from work and they "wrestle" until it's bed time.

it's going to be a great summer my friends:)

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