Thursday, April 7, 2011


So in my efforts to stay at home with my sweet J. next year, I have started a business that is allowing me to do that next year! It's called Advocare. Basically, if you need more energy (which...of course all moms do!), want to drop lbs, or even have a boost to your daily workout...then these products really are for you! I've only been doing this a few weeks and already income has been such a blessing! There are so many great pro-athletes and Olympians taking and endorsing Advocare: Drew Brees, Michael W. Smith, Kutless, Carli Lloyd, and many others!

ok Here's my Advocare story:

My first year of college I studied overseas in Argentina...and well I ate and ate and ate and gained tons of weight. At my highest weight, I weighed 180 and wore a size 14. My aunt introduced Advocare to me. I started it and a year later I had lost a total of 50 lbs. and gone from a 14 to a 4! I had never ever been that in shape or fit into a size 4!! One day I'll post a pic.

Anyways...Im going to start posting some of my favorite products and tell you what they do. If you are ever interested in product, email or give me a call! 770.876.5696

My most favorite product is the MNS E: Metabolic Nutrition System Energy
This is one of three MNS systems. I chose this one because of my lack of energy. It is a package of daily vitamins. It really boosted my metabolism to help me lose and maintain all of my weight. It also gave me all of my daily nutrition I needed to give me that energetic boost! It is a proprietary blend of nutrients designed to help "rev up" your metabolism*, Provides sustained energy*, Supports the body's ability to burn more calories*

Brett and I absolutely love this product and we both agree it is definitely our favorite!

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