Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Haven't had time to update much....preparing to have a baby + Christmas season + preparing to finish up work for 3 months = madness...but here's just a few updates of things going on:

1. having lots of Braxton Hicks...only 2 and 1/2 weeks left!!!
2. feet look like you could use them as ski boats
3. kids at school threw me a surprise baby shower today...it def. made me cry. These sweet babies planned it all by themselves and bought me some sweet little outfits for Julia....i'm still so humbled...these sweeties barely have enough money to buy lunch and pay for field trips...but they went out nad bought presents for me..one student told me he saved up for a moneth and used his savings to buy a gift for the shower.I just wept like a little baby..
4. We are ready as we can possibly be for our little girl to enter our lives.
5. the group of students that we have over for leaderhip/Bible study on monday nights all memorized an entire chapter of the Bible. We were so proud of them!
6. ready to take off 3 months of work so I can get to know my sweet girl
7. going part-time next year for sure! I will only be working two weeks out of the month! So excited!
8. can't think of anything else!

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