Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Name

So....we've settled on a name....we kind of already had it in mind, but we are ready to make it official!

Our sweet baby girl's name will be:

Julia Lane Moore

How did we come up with this?
Well, we both thought Julia sounded super classy...and it was the only girl name we agreed on and both really loved. of course, Lane is my name.....I thought and thought about whether or not to use my name, but growing up I absolutely loved my name and I thought it was so unique...and I'm so proud to pass it on to our little girl. I hope Julia loves it as much as I have:)

So ..there ya go. Ready for Julia to get here! (well, not really...we've got a lot of stuff to put together and decorate before she comes!)


Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

yay!! i love it! so glad you decided on 'julia' of my best friends/sorority sisters' is named julia. and jules is such a cute nickname!
i'm going to try to get something for miss julia in the courier in the next couple of weeks!

Anonymous said...

Great name for a sweet little girl!

Missi said...

guess what? ? my middle name is Layne!!! but guess what? nobody knows it! and I also do love the name Layne/Lane!!! oh-well. . I know she will love her name - it's absolutely beautiful!!! can't wait to meet her!!!