Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gender Reveal Party

So we have had lots of excitement in the Moore home this week. we had our 20 week appointment! We decided we wanted to wait and find out if we were having a boy or a girl with the rest of our family and dear friends. I got the idea to have a Gender Reveal Party from my friend Jill and boy was it a great idea! We loved every second of it!! We had the Dr. write the answer in an envelope and we took it to our friend, Audra. So we had all of our family and friends over last night for a cookout. Everyone came dressed in pink or blue to cast their vote....i wore blue and Brett wore pink! I decorated everythign in yellow and orange and had so much fun with. Made some yellow and orange poms to hang up and they turned out so super cute. Made yummy lemon bars and got the recipe from the Neely's on foodnetwork. I ordered these super cute cupcake liners from etsy shop "Cupcake Social." For dessert, we all bit into the yummy cupcakes and they were filled with either pink or blue icing to tell us if we were having a boy or a girl! And as you can see from the pic....we had pink icing we will be having a sweet baby girl! I used our new chalkboard to let people write down names they came up with for our boy or girl as they came you can see, we had some great names...and some really interesting ones! We are pretty sure we have a name, but I'll tell when we are 100% positive:) All of our family and sweet friends came to celebrate with us. This sweet baby girl will be so incredibly loved. Here are some pics from the night!

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Jill said...

SO CUTE!!! I love all your decorations! I'm super excited that you're having a you just need to decide on an official name so she can get some pretty monogrammed things! :)