Monday, January 11, 2010

on creative Pastries:) here's one more dessert...can you see a trend here? yes, i love the sweets....which explains the cavity problem I've had over the past 6 months:(

Made these fun little pastries. Got the pastry idea from Sandra Lee...just did some minor alterations to it.

1. Take a roll of pillsbury pie dough...or off brand and cut it into circles with a biscuit cutter.
2. Spray the bottom of a muffin pan
3. Fold the cut out circles of dough around each muffin bottom
4. Use a fork and poke some holes in the dough to let it breathe
5. Bake on 400 until it is golden brown
6. I like to get some sugar free cool whip and mix about a teaspoon of vanilla extract with it
7. Put a little dollop (not sure on that spelling?) into the rounded pastries that come out
8. I shave some chocolate on top and a little raspberry as a garnish...and have an easy, fancy dessert:)


drollins said...

This dessert must be the result of your snow day in?

Can't wait to try it!

Lane Moore said...

you're right Delecta...this was a result of pure boredom and "thinking" I am hungry!