Monday, November 2, 2009

Swine flu or not to swine flu??

Swine flu is going around here like crazy. Have fought getting the shot......a little nervous simply bc it hasn't been out too long, but am really reconsidering?? any thoughts???


Lori said...

Still undecided since it still isn't available here.

TheTowners said...

We have found that it is very split down the middle on what to do. The doctors that Matthew works with says don't get it. But, my brother-in-law's hospital where he is a doctor is making everyone get it. So a lot of the parents have gotten it, but decided not to have their kids vacinated.

We decided not to get it, but keep debating if Matthew should get it or not because he's a nurse and has patients with the swine flu.

We are taking a ton of stuff (probiotics (even in Selah's bottle), Vit C, Emergen C packets, Zinc, Cod fish oil, multi vitamins, Vit D (Caris & Selah), Echinacea, ect... Caris takes almost all of these things as well. She tends to catch things and it goes straight to her lungs, so we are really working on boosting her immune system this fall/winter (as well as all of ours).

It's a hard one and I still don't know if we are making the right decision. I'm nervous to get the vaccine and I'm nervous not to get it (if that makes sense). And since we have 2 little ones, we really want to make the right choice (but what that is, I don't know!!!). So, i'm probably no help for you!!!! LOL!!! good luck in making your decision!!! :)