Saturday, November 21, 2009

Country Music 1/2 we go...Again.

half marathon training starts again. Starting the week of Thanksgiving so that I'm thinking about my eating habits a little more while being surrounded by 5 different types of casseroles, sweet potatoes ,and fried turkey:)

Trying to convince a few friends to join me this year....not sure if they are buying in....we will see:)

Here are a few reasons I'm looking forward to this year's training:
1. I love long, Saturday runs in the morning
2. Best shape I've ever been in (I guess running 10-11 miles will do that!:)
3. It's my mission to find the best Mexican restaurants in Atlanta when I start running. For some reason last year I always craved Mexican food after my long 9-10 mile runs. Brett and I started visiting some of the best Mexican places around the Atl. Can't wait for my long runs and Mexican.
4. I love pushing myself beyond myself....if that makes sense.

Here we go.
Monday-Easy Run
Dist: 2 mi @14:15
Thursday-Tempo Run
Dist: 5 mi, inc
Warm; 3 mi @ 12:37; Cool
Fri.-Thanksgiving Shopping
Sat.-Long Run Dist: 6 mi @14:15