Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Eyes Wide Open

So I got this book several months ago.....with the mad dash to get out of school and then the mad dash to get back into school...things have been a little crazy. But I have finally gotten to it .... at this point this will be my third book I have read by Jud Wilhite since Christmas. My husband and I quickly became fans when we read Uncensored Grace....actually it messed us up (in a good way) and gave us a new out look on some upside down perspectives. And that's the common thread I am finding in all of his books...including "Eyes Wide Open." There is a moment in each book where it all clicks, where it all begins to "mess with me" and make me think a little deeper.

Here's what I read in one of these "messy moments" today:
"Servants are free from the constant one-upping mentality that drives so many in our culture. They are free from the relentless need for attention, for affirmation, for the spotlight. They are free from so many games that go on in the name of success."

What an amazing thought. Coming from a person whose "love language" is affirmation, this was an incredibly challenging and freeing paragraph.

If you haven't read should.

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