Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nutritional Backpacks

Saw a commercial tonight advertising the Backpack Program. Such an awesome idea. Students who would struggle to receive nutritional foods over the weekend at their homes are sent home each Friday with a backpack filled with nutritional foods for the weekend. I know for certain the school I work at would benefit greatly from a program like this. Love this idea....thankful that people are so creative to continue to invent new ways to help others.


lori Wilhite said...

We partner with a non-profit here in Vegas that does the same thing. It has been wonderful for the kids. Their grades have improved since they aren't so hungry. Glad to hear other people are helping kids like these!

Lane Moore said...

That's so awesome, Lori! I emailed the organization yesterday to see how to get involved. I love that you guys are partnered with that ....very cool.

Blake said...

It's nice idea... And useful for kids... Thanks for sharing!!