Monday, April 27, 2009

Country Music 1/2 came and it went!

Here's my rundown from Country Music 1/2 Marathon weekend:
1. 1/2 Marathons are wonderful
2. Portable bathrooms are not wonderful...I had to go three times before the race even started because I drank so much water and was so nervous! By the third time, I was so used to going in this thing we call a "portable" restroom that I forgot to lock the can guess what happened...yup! Quite an emberrasing moment! End of that story.
3. We were released in corrals.... I was corral 24....def. felt like a herd of animals.
4. Ran next to a guy who kicked a soccer ball for 13.1 miles. Quite impressive.
5. Ran next to a group of people who threw frisbee for 13.1 miles. Again..impressive.
6. Cried twice while I was running. Got overwhelmed looking at all of the people who were running for friends who currently have or suffered from cancer. Second cry was out of sheer thankfulness that God has placed me in a life where I can go do something fun like run 13.1 miles....very grateful for his provision and blessing in my life.
7. Ran through hoses that people would put out in their yard for all the runners to run through.
8. My legs felt like jello at mile 12.
9. I screamed when i saw the sign that said, "13"
10.Loved running it with family and friends....made it so enjoyable.
11.Love the feeling of reaching a goal.
12. Dedicated race to my 5th graders....they loved this!
13. Country bands at every mile on the run made it really fun.
14. Eating whatever I wanted after the race was awesome!
15. Nashville -my first time of the cooler cities I've been to in a while.
16. My theory on all the runners- 30,000 people ran in this thing....which is equivalent to the towns B. and I grew up in (small towns). But these aren't just regular people...these are people who exercise quite a bit, which means we release a lot of endorphins....which means we are happy people because we have released a lot of endorphins....which means I ran with 30,000 crazy, happy people for 13.1 miles of my life! Enough said.....these people are so much fun, crazy, and make the run worth every minute! Will I do another one? Absolutely! In fact, I encourage anyone who is considering it...if you think you can or CAN' it! One of the best experiences of my life!

Here are some pics from the fun-filled weekend! My mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and sweet friend Laura Smith all ran it with me. Enjoy the pics.

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